Thursday, May 16, 2013

Custom Pigment: Patacon

Argentine Patacon Pigment Acrylic
AT the height of Argentina's fin-de-millennium financial meltdown, several complementary currencies emerged, mostly issued by Argentina's provincial governments to pay employee salaries and other state debts. The Patacon was one of the most well known of these provincial I.O.U.'s , issued by the Province of Buenos Aires in 2001. This particular custom pigment was requested by an Uruguayan artist in 2009, then sourced, processed and packaged by Liquid Assets Paint & Pigment Company. Will any Los Angeles artists request similar paint when California turns to its own alternative currencies to pay its own state employees? 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Making Liquid Assets Pigment: We Use Paper & Metal Currency

Liquid Assets currency acrylics are made made with 90% mechanically pulverized metal currency (coin) and approximately 10% chemically dissolved paper currency (banknote). All of our products carry the Price of Art™ guarantee. View the full process after the jump...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mink Newport by Liquid Assets: Where Luxury Meets Bankrupt

Mink Newport finds inspiration in the simpler things in life. An $87 K, three-hour lunch at ultra posh Nello on Madison Avenue, a purse snatched from an Italian tourist in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, a hummingbird pecking at its favorite flower, your philandering ex's Black American Express card, the fine antique gold watch that's been passed down for generations, until it's finally transformed, through alchemy and faith into creamy, vibrant acrylic paint.

Mink Newport is sourced exclusively for Liquid Assets by curator Catherine G. Rawls on Manhattan's Upper East Side and Mariano Andres Garcia in Buenos Aires, with idealogical oversight from the highest levels of Liquid Assets management.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

All of Our Supplies Carry The Price of Art™ Guarantee

One of the rarest currency pigments on the market due to its scarcity on international exchanges, our Argentine Peso (032) currency pigment is known for its industrial oxidized hue and rapidly declining value. Though subject to wild inflation, it blends especially well with certain Hard Global Currency Acrylics  such as Liquid Assets U.S. Dollar Acrylic (840) and Euro (978). A classic South American pigment that adds tremendous volatility and history to your palette. 

Video: Sourcing Mink Newport Collection by Liquid Assets

The Process of sourcing the posh "Mink" component of the Mink Newport line of hard-to-find pigments, such as Antique Gold Watch and Black Amex is often undertaken on Madison Avenue in New York. The Newport part of the equation goes down in South America. The video below documents a few of the characters who've participated - knowingly or otherwise - in the Mink Newport project. The tall gentleman dropping $100 K on lunch at Nello (part of which was transformed into Liquid Assets 100% Tip Acrylic) is ruble-dropping billionaire Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov.

Meet the Staff: Mariano Andres Garcia

Mariano Andres Garcia sees the world through pulverized Icelandic Kroner-tinted glasses. He runs the show for Liquid Assets in Argentina, in charge of Sourcing Raw Materials and Product Development. Check out his Flor de Fanfa by Liquid Assets Icelandic Kroner enhanced Sunglasses, ideal for the beach, the pool or for posting up to sip on Mate with your people. Contact Mariano at
Tomando unos verdes en la fabrica de Liquid Assets en Buenos Aires, Enero 2011